nevica 6-Inch Clip on Fan

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  • COOLING CLIP ON FAN - This clip on fan will keep you cool in any environment, fan comes with a 2 speed wind option, and can be adjusted up to a 180° angle up & down, and a 360° rotation, strong clamp grip enables you to clip it on your Bed, Desk, Table, etc… a rubber attached to the clip will keep it sturdy & strong, clamp grip can open up to 2 inches, Clip on and feel the fresh cool breeze
  • 2 SPEED WIND - this Nexair Clip-On Fan features a 2 wind power option, depending on your needs and the climate, adjust the speed to your need and enjoy the quiet and cooling breeze
  • ADJUST & MODIFY - Adjust the wind exactly to your need with its 180° degree adjustable tilt and its 360° full rotation, Clip it on your bed or desk direct it to your comfortability and have a relaxing full night of sleep, or a productive enjoyable day of work
  • STRONG GRIP - This Clip on Fan is made of Quality and Durable Material, and comes with a Strong rubber clamp, which opens up to 2 inches, that will hold strongly and firmly the fan on its position and give you the ultimate cooling stability needed
  • QUIET OPERATING - This quiet operating fan will make sure you can enjoy a full night of comfortable and quality sleep, or a full day of productive Work or Family time with a comfortable cooling breeze, without the disturbing noise of the AC or high velocity fans. Sit down, relax and clear your mind with an enjoyable cool & quiet breeze

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